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Judith Jones

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As a Fine Art Photographer my work often relates to personal conflicts and human frailties. Within my work I aim to stretch the boundaries of photography through research and experimentation. Having had work accepted and exhibited in The London Group biennials for the last six years I have recently been elected as a member of The London Group. This is a great achievement and I am looking forward immensely to working with this prestigious group. Currently I am visually exploring the boundaries between the private and public spheres through my twilight photography. My twilight Images examine the dialectic between the outside and inside and with the conflicts of private and public spaces. The Images explore concepts of exclusion and isolation, fear and uncertainty. Seemingly mundane vernacular spaces can hold a myriad of memories for us all, some of these spaces we may approach with fear or excitement, or simply a sense of familiarity. The interiors of buildings come alive as we retreat inside our dwellings; the border between night and day is as tangible as the visible hints of the lived spaces within the borders of our homes. The boundary of the home may serve not only as a canvas to exhibit or flaunt residents' identities but also functions as a boundary to the outside world or conversely as a boundary holding its secrets close within its walls. It invites us to imagine those lives that are partially hidden and construct a fantasy of the space we are viewing. Documenting this fragile time frame presents the urban space as a magical one that at once intrigues and fascinates me. Within the genre of Concrete photography I also enjoy producing original abstract prints using camera-less techniques such as Luminograms and Photograms that reveal ambiguous images with multiple interpretations. Since having a solo show with Arts in Hospital at Dorset County Hospital I have become interested in the value of arts to our physical and mental wellbeing. I am now a volunteer Arts co-ordinator at Dorset County Hospital; involved with setting up and curating arts projects together with archiving the work the trust owns.

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