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19th October – 24th November
Private View 18th October - Black Swan Arts Open, Black Swan Arts, 2 Bridge Street, Frome, Somerset  BA11 1BB

7th October – 25th November
166th Annual Open Exhibition, The Royal West of England Academy, Bristol Queen’s Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 1PX

6 – 21st October
Wells Art Contemporary Awards, The Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Somerset BA5 2PD

17th September – 29th October
Drawing Distinctions, University of Wisconsin Stout, Menomonie, USA

February 2017 The International Miniature Portrait Exhibition, ‘Personal Relations’ tours to Holland this month. Opening on 25th February – 29th March 2017, my work ‘Blood Lines (Direct Line of Ascent in No Particular Order)’ will be on show in The Hague at the Pulchri Studio. For more info

January 2017 Absolutely thrilled that the fantastic Aesthetica magazine has chosen my image Rendezvous for the cover of their Creative Writing Anthology.

December 2016 I’ve been producing a piece of work for an International Group Show in which London group members have been invited to take part. The title is Personal Relations – International Miniature Portrait Exhibition and as the title intimates this is a show where the artists have responded to the concept of the miniature portrait in the 21st century. We can make any work we wish in response to the title, but our artworks are to be limited by size to 10cms by 15cms. Three artists collectives in the United Kingdom, (The London Group) Italy and Holland have become involved in this show and all our works will be touring all three countries – maybe more. I have produced a textual piece of work that illustrates my ancestral tree; this is Entitled ‘Blood Lines (Direct Line of Ascent in No Particular Order)’. This is a circular Image of text, created in Photoshop, printed on archival paper, laminated and mounted on a black gloss painted circular piece of wood; the size is just 10cms in diameter.

12th October 2016 Today is the opening of The London Group Members’ Annual Exhibition. It’s been nearly a year since I was elected a member of this prestigious group and I’m looking forward to being part of this annual show by members.

October 8th 2016 With over 700 entries to The Wells Art Contemporary whittled down to just 86 shortlisted works of art I am pleased to have both my entries shortlisted. This means that two of my photographs will be exhibited in the magnificent Bishop's Palace, Wells in Somerset, the show is open from 8th – 22nd October. The website for Wells Art Contemporary showing my work is here -

July 2016 A piece of work from a new project entitled 'After Horst - Patterns in Brutalism' has been long listed from this years Premio Combat Price. The exhibition will be in Livorno Italy during the last two weeks of July. My work will be published in the catalogue for the exhibition. This interest in my new work is encouraging.More of this new series will be on my website soon.

3rd June 2016 Today is The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016 varnishing day. I'm so amazed to have had work accepted in The RA Summer Show for the third year running. I'm looking forward to today, to see the summer show before any of the other Private Views and the public can visit is a privilege. I'm pleased to say when I visited the exhibition a few weeks later my photograph had lots of red dots!!! see HERE 20th - 28th April 2016 I am exhibiting The Road to Nowhere in 'The deaf canvas listens' at the Kensington and Chelsea College, London. This will be the first time I will have exhibited with The London Group since being elected as a member. I'm looking foreword to new experiences and to meeting lots of artists from all genres. I'm very proud to be a member of such an illustrious artists collective.

21st February 2016 Very excited that Night Windows 22 has been sold from The GX Gallery's Contemporary Photography show. It's been a steep learning curve having a gallery representation and it feels strange to have someone else sell my work & not know who has purchased it. 4th February 2016 Tonight's is the Private View of 'Contemporary photography' at The GX Gallery, it's been exciting to meet the other photographer's exhibiting with me .... I just love the way my work has been curated in this show - thank to all at The GX Gallery - Never seen so much of my work together in one place! Photo of the show HERE

23rd January 2016 Today I took my Images up to London for the forthcoming show at The GX Gallery in London. The show will run from 3rd to 27th February 2016. More info can be seen at 1st January 2016 The New Year sees me preparing for an exhibition at The GX Gallery. After winning the GX Prize with The London Group the gallery has offered me a space to show my work in February. My photographs will be part of a contemporary photographic show which showcases my recent work as their winner. It was a thrill to be asked but hard work getting this organised over the Christmas holidays. More news on this soon…

30th November 2015 As a member of London Independent photography, I am excited to be part of the Central Groups annual show. We are holding an exhibition in The Espacio Gallery, as part of East London’s photo-month. The exhibition entitled ‘Photography Matters’ showcases a wide range of work. I photographed a wooded area in Dorset that has the remains of RAF bunkers and buildings which were used during World War 2. I used a Hipstamatic App with my IPhone that produced Images similar to aged Polaroid’s. A few examples of this work can be seen HERE

28th November 2015 With five of us having reached the final interview stage for membership of The London Group I was absolutely delighted to hear today that I have been elected as a member. It is an absolute honour to now be a part of such a prestigious group that has included many well-known artists over the last hundred years. I have always been impressed with their diversity and there is certainly none of the art snobbery I have often encountered towards photography as a medium accepted as ‘Art’ in other organisations.

26th November 2015 Having filled in the forms and had my work scrutinized by The London Group selection committee I’ve been selected to go through to the second stage of selection for the group which is a face to face interview process with the committee and its tonight…

6th November 2015 Tonight is the Gala Prize giving for this year’s London Group Open show and a little bird advised me to attend. What a wonderful evening and a great surprise to have been awarded The GX Gallery Prize; absolutely thrilled and thrilled to meet the wonderful Directors of The GX Gallery who liked my work so much they bought it! Photos of the evening HERE I’ve had some really positive comments about my work and been very fortunate to be nominated for membership of The London Group. Now I have to face the rigorous selection process…

4th November 2015 My copies of British Artist’s Book Makers arrived today. So many British artists producing a myriad of wonderful hand-made artist’s books, including mine entitled ‘The Town a Prince Built’. Images of my rag book that appears in this publication. Copies can be ordered from

27th October 2015 I entered three pieces of work for The London Group biennial Open show. One of these was the very last edition of Rendezvous that was exhibited this year at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and this was the one they selected for the show. Tonight is the Private View. As usual it’s a great mixed show held in the wonderful Cello Factory, which is a marvellous space in London, very near Waterloo station. I love this diverse group of artists, they are always very friendly and I’ve been very fortunate to have had work selected for the last three biennial open shows.

23rd October 2015 Great news – I’ve just heard I’ve sold my work at The Wells Contemporary Open, which means I don’t need to get up early on Monday morning to go and collect it!

8th October 2015 I’m excited to have a piece of work selected for The Wells Art Contemporary. I haven’t entered this show before and admit it was a very last minute decision to do so, (ten minutes before the final deadline!). The Private View is tonight and I’m looking forward to meeting the other exhibitors, especially those I know from The RWA who are also exhibiting in in this show held in the beautiful town of Wells in Somerset. The private View was packed but I could just spy my twilight Image behind the judges during the speeches; as shown in THIS photograph I took.

3rd October 2015 Today is Varnishing Lunch and the Private View for The Royal west of England’s Open show. I have four works on display as an Academician Candidate and much of today is going to be spent standing by my work talking to various Academicians who might or might not vote for me!

26th September 2015 Having experienced what The Passion for Freedom festival is about I am reeling with pride and yet humbled to have been part of a group of people who tirelessly fight for a voice of freedom across the globe. They supported the work of artists from many countries where free speech does not exist. Some of the artists could not attend the festival because they had been imprisoned for their art. I am so impressed with the work I saw and the group of people behind the scenes. My work showed the way sexual abuse snatches away the freedom of a child to grow and blossom naturally in their own time into an adult. The secrets and covert meetings take the child down a road where they do not feel free to express their fears and this often stays with them throughout their adult life. I have put a new gallery of work entitled Fractured Lives on my website, which shows four Images from this series and also the accompanying statement for the work which in this case is very important; go to Projects – Fractured Lives.

25th September 2015 Three of my Images and accompanying text from the series Fractured Lives has been selected for The 7th Passion for Freedom festival. This year it is being held in the esteemed Mall Galleries, London. Tonight is The Private View and gala awards. I haven’t ever been involved with this group before and am not too sure what to expect.

5th September 2015 I’m visiting Hauser & Wirth in Somerset today, ( for a guided tour and lecture about their current exhibition Jenny Holzer – Softer targets. Jenny Holzer uses found/appropriated text in the majority of her work. Much of her current exhibition at Hauser & Wirth deals with the issues around war crimes. I do not feel she is extremely political but is aiming to bring to the fore a discussion around many ignored war crimes, much of them against women and children or even between service personnel and prisoners of war. These are often not discussed in the press in much detail, rather there is a concentration on media hyped Images of bombing of schools, villages, hospitals and enemy territories. Although I often wish my Images to speak for themselves and leave interpretation to the viewer, I have often wanted to find a way of using text as an important component in some of my work and have found this exhibition interesting and informative.

31st August 2015 Today is D Day for The RWA. That is ‘delivery’ day…what a day to choose – Bank Holiday Monday! It’s taken nearly 4 hours to get to Bristol from sunny Dorset. But I’m excited to be showing here again. HERE is an Image of my completed hand-made Artists Book entitled Transience. August 2015 The summer sees me preparing work to submit to various open awards and shows that I’m planning on entering during the next few months. This includes four pieces of work for The Royal West of England Academy as an Academician candidate for the second year running. I’m aiming to make an artist’s handmade book as part of my submission for the RWA candidacy in an attempt to illustrate a more varied approach and communicate in a separate genre or style the concepts behind my artwork.

13th July 2015 Having had work shortlisted for The Premio Combat 2015 Prize held in Livorno, Tuscany in Italy - I visited Livorno to see the show, however I managed to miss it as it was closed on the day I visited. So I have to be content with seeing my work in the catalogue! THIS is all I managed to see July 2015 It’s been interesting having two works in The RA Summer Exhibition; last year all the editions of my work sold out before the show was open to the public. HERE I am chatting to Una Stubbs at the varnishing Lunch who also had a piece of work exhibited in the same room as me at The Royal Academy. I often wondered whether people buy anything and everything, just to say they own a piece of artwork that was on show at The Royal Academy. However I have been inundated with buyers wanting editions of one of the artworks, the other has just seen a small trickle of interested people. The inevitable admin and paperwork involved is daunting and doesn’t leave much time for actually making more work - can’t wait to have time to get out with a camera again. HERE is a link to my work as it appears on The Royal Academy Website

10th July 2015 Having slowly developed my own style within the genre of handmade artists’ books; utilising various ways to show my photography, I have been asked to submit an example of my books for a new publication entitled British Artists’ Book Makers which will be published in November this year – Just in time for Christmas! This will be the first time my Rag Book ‘The Town a Prince Built’ will be shown. This will be the second edition celebrating British Artist Bookmakers by BCF Books.

1st June 2015 I’m so very thrilled to be off to London for the Varnishing day at The Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition. I have two photographs selected for this year’s summer exhibition.

28th May 2015 I have been commended in The Premio Combat Prize 2015. My work will be published in the 2015 catalogue accompanying the show. This is the 6th edition of The Premio Combat Prize which will be exhibited at “Museo Civico G, Livorno, Italy from June 27th to July 25th 2015.

11th May 2015 As part of my role as a volunteer with Dorset County Hospital it was a pleasure to play a small part in the hospitals 175th anniversary. I captured some of the photographs that feature in the book detailing its astounding history and contribution to medicine.

May 2015 I’ve spent much of the last couple of months working on some new handmade artists books.

23rd April 2015 I was invited to donate a piece of art to The London Group for their second fundraising Draw. All the works donated were on show at The Cello Factory near Waterloo station, there was also an online gallery for those who wished to view the work at home. I couldn’t make the actual draw on 23rd April but looking at the London groups Flickr album of the night all had fun as shown HERE . I hope the young man who seems to have drawn my work, an edition of Night Windows 5, enjoys it – he seems happy!

8th February 2015 I went to the last day of The Works on Paper art fair; mainly to collect my Image being exhibited by The National Open Art Competition at the fair – However I spied a small etching by Norman Ackroyd that I just had to buy. So we struggled home with two pieces of work on the underground.

29th December 2014 What a great end to the year; I’ve just heard that my Night Windows Image that has been on show at Somerset House with The National Open Art Competition has been selected for the Works on Paper Art Fair at The Science Museum In London during February 2015. See HERE

17th December 2014 The National Open Art Exhibition is now open at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester- from 17 December 2014 to 3 January 2015. Very sadly I didn’t make it to the private view as I’ve managed to break my wrist…been frustrating not being able to use a camera – looking forward to having the best excuse not to cook for Christmas though!!

12th November 2014 It’s the launch day today for flip29 the quarterly magazine for London Independent Photography. This issues theme is entitled Conflict. I am pleased to have an article and three Images entitled ‘Fractured Lives’ (as HERE) published in this issue. My submission focuses on the sensitive subject of Child Sexual Abuse.

30th October 2014 Great Video by Evan Powell of the NOA show at Somerset House – My work can be spotted a few times via this link HERE.!

23rd October 2014 The Royal West of England Academy’s Autumn Art Party takes place tonight. I love their Autumn Art parties; another chance to view the open show which is important to me as in my opinion you always get something different, something extra when viewing artwork for the second time, (and subsequent viewings) - our perception of what we view visually is influenced by so many factors and can change daily.

11th October 2014 It’s been a mad rush to get to The Royal West of England Academy today for the varnishing day lunch. It was worth it though as it was really good to have the opportunity to discuss everyone’s work today. Such a diverse lot at The RWA! Love them!

30th September 2014 Four new Images from my Night Windows series have been selected to go on show at the 162nd Annual Open Exhibition from 12th October – 7th December 2014

26th September 2014 Tonight – The artists preview at Somerset House. I’ve been looking forward to this and it was an exciting evening. I even got to discuss my image with the great sculpture Antony Gormley.

27th August 2014 I’m absolutely delighted to hear that my submission for The National Open Art Competition has been selected for this years show and will be exhibited at Somerset House from 18th September – 25th October 2014.

17th August 2014 As part of Dorset Independent Photographers we are struggling to hang our images for our Annual exhibition in The Borough Gardens House, Dorchester. I’m attempting to hang some large A0 cloud images I’ve had printed on canvas…Not my usual thing but something I wanted to experiment with. It’s always a fun friendly week showcasing our current work to friends, locals and visitors to Dorset in the summer.

17th June 2014 I have finally finished my series of images for an exhibition in Marina Di Pisa, Italy. I had been invited to make a series of images responding to the theme of superstition entitled ‘I Am Not Superstitious’ Organised by Art Café London.

11th June 2014 I’m thrilled to be a runner up in the International Submissions for The Toronto Urban Photography Festival. It’s going to be a mad rush to get my three accepted images mounted and sent to Toronto Canada for the opening of the show on 27th June.

9th June 2014 The RA Summer Exhibition opens to the public today and having visited with my husband I’m amazed to discover that my exhibited piece plus all of the editions have been sold before the show had even opened to the public this morning !!

2nd June 2014 Amazing to have an image selected for The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. The Varnishing Day was today and I’ve returned from London exhausted but exhilarated to have seen my work upon the walls of The Royal Academy of Arts in London. Even more exciting is that my image is hung alongside four of James Turrell’s images and immediately adjacent to a small and intimate room showing one of Turrell’s fantastic Light piece ‘Sensing Thought’. The blue glow emanates from the room with Turrell’s work just touching my piece.

10th May 2014 It’s really great to have been selected for a solo show of my photograms by OSR Projects at West Coker, Somerset. The work is being displayed at the very welcoming pub ‘Inn the Square’ In West Coker from 4th May until the beginning of August 2014. If your passing through Somerset then it’s worth stopping off for a drink and ask to pop upstairs to the function room to see my work. Simon at OSR Projects organizes and curates exciting art events in Somerset and Dorset.

© Judith Jones.