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Judith Jones

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I want to explore the isolation and loneliness felt by those at sea. My images are captured at twilight when the blue of the sky reflects into the water, its own blue mirroring the sky and echoing a sense of loneliness and of being lost. Blue holds a heavenly sense of calm but also the coldness of death and depression – the sea can bathe you in its serenity but also rattle his hand and threaten your safety.

All these feelings have been felt by fisherman and those at sea away from the safety but also hustle and bustle of an overpopulated landmass. Often their only companion the vast ocean and the continuing sound of the water as it sways gently or trembles and crashes its rolling waves.

I aim to capture the subtle shifts in this sublime view as the weather changes – Repeatedly returning to the same location the subtle nuances of Mother Nature at work with the sky and sea means the resulting image can never be the same.
© Judith Jones.