Judith Jones

The Undergarment

Not worn until the 18th century, and then only permitted for young girls whilst playing and maids when cleaning windows!
It is now a multifunctional part of our 21st century dress.
Produced in many guises its function can be merely as a basic garment with an unspoken purpose to absorb excess bodily fluids.
An apparel hidden beneath layers it is often carefully chosen and worn with confidence to increase an individual’s self esteem.
Conversely it is worn overtly to be viewed by others and holds an explicit function to titivate and attract attention;
divulged and promenaded as a part of an advanced courting ritual.
It can signify a desire for sexual attention.
The Whale tail, a view of a woman’s thong seeping out from above her trousers may unintentionally or intentionally be a source for male attraction.

The undergarment is a creation that can be small and intimate or large and comforting, we all have our favourites.