Judith Jones

Italian Panoramics.

Often captured in the panoramic format, I find the theatre of life on the streets of Italy illustrates a visual narrative of their distinct culture.
Life that is often hidden beneath the superficial cloned towns filled with the same chain stores and fast food outlets that pervade the world over.
Beneath the tourist attractions, lie values difficult to recognise or even to comprehend within Britain. Italians value slow food,
are unafraid to show emotions and family life is their foundation.
Time can stand still and no-one minds: old and new blend effortlessly.
A culture where disagreements are voiced loudly and passion expressed without shame.
Personal Individuality counts and is not despised.
Often their optimism is their downfall;

A tutto c'è rimedio, fuorchè alla morte.
English translation: There is a cure for everything except death: Italian Proverb.