Judith Jones

Traces of Time and Beauty

When you cast me aside for another
When my life has ebbed away
My inner scars remain unseen
Until they too disperse and fracture
Finally Invisible as the black night 
Dissolving into nothing but a memory


The relevance of the object used in creating this series has diminished as my exploration has progressed.
Most exciting for me is the exploitation of the ambiguity inherent when translating a 3D object into an image.
The power of light within a camera-less technique has created intriguing images with a multiplicity of potential readings
depending on the viewer’s perceptions. The images are intended as a visual discourse; for quiet contemplation and would be presented in a gallery in this context.

The process
The Luminograms are created using found glass vases placed upon photographic paper in a traditional darkroom.
Part of the silver gelatine fibre paper is masked off which when developed creates an image akin to a line drawing - Literally drawing with light.
These unique images are then scanned or photographed and inverted digitally to create new images that are then printed on an Inkjet Baryta Fibre Paper and mounted behind Perspex – thus returning them to their glass origin.