Judith Jones

Four days in Roma 2008

These images capture a snapshot of daily life in Rome during four days in September 2008.
Slices of the comings and goings of ordinary folk are visually illustrated as they play their part in the day to day social life of the capital city of Italy.

Everyone plays their part; the cabinet makers who chat as they work outside in the streets of Trastevere,
the electrician who seems to be calling for advice amongst knots of wires,
A priest tries to park his car whilst two girls wait on the steps for a private blessing,
businessmen and journalist gather outside the governmental offices, empty pallets are taken for storage after a day’s work,
A woman waits; frequently checking her watch, a woman hangs her washing out from an upstairs window, passers-by watch each other,
The polizia check a strangers credentials,
The barber working in his shop; soon to be a mini star of the feature film Eat, Pray, Love.
Could he have ever guessed what was to come?
Everyday lives, everyday people.
Most interesting for me was the demonstration within the hospital just off the Via Corsa; threatened with closure members of
staff were desperate to save their jobs and place of work, This was to no avail as within a few weeks the hospital was sadly closed,
soon to be forgotten and left to decay.

As I watched the days unfold the future became the present soon to move into the depths of the past.

Forgotten and neglected I have re-visited the images in 2012; they are a part of history illustrating how cities are forever in flux;
forever changing and moving on.

Visually captured moments that fleetingly existed in the present but are now part of history.