Fine Art Photography

Judith Jones

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These Luminograms are unique cameraless works created in a traditional darkroom. A light was shone directly through an object to create an image onto traditional silver gelatin photographic paper which was then immediately developed and fixed. These are not photograms as the object is used as a filter for the light and does not come into direct contact with the photographic paper. These Luminograms were created a few years ago but I am returning to them because of their connection to solar or cosmic bodies, both in the interpretation of the actual images and the direct connection to the energy of light used in creating the luminograms. The circle has traditionally been viewed as a symbol of eternity – and has many connections with religious art as well as the solar system. My aim is to take these circular Luminograms and create a textile work that evokes the preciousness of our sun. These new circular artworks will illustrate our sun’s power, which we assume to be eternal and godlike, but also hint at its fragility.

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