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Judith Jones

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Night Windows

My interest in urban photography has focused on examining spaces at twilight. This 'blue hour' takes us through the transition between day and night with an uncanny sense of unease. The interiors of buildings come alive as we retreat inside our dwellings; the border between night and day is as tangible as the visible hints of the lived spaces within the borders of our homes. Documenting this fragile time frame presents the urban space as a magical one that at once intrigues and fascinates me. It invites us to imagine those lives that are partially hidden and construct a fantasy of the space we are viewing. The boundary of the home may serve not only as a canvas to exhibit or flaunt residents' identities but also function as a boundary to the outside world. What goes on beyond this boundary is usually private. It also becomes a barrier for those inside to the outside rather than merely a barrier from those outside looking inside. In some of my images the viewer may build up a narrative of those inside feeling warm and comforted by their surroundings. The viewer may be wrong as we can only see hints of the life on the inside.

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